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I am using Base2 as a means to allow us to easily do inheritance in our system, aswell as using KnockoutJS for some UI interactions.

We have defined a base class for our ViewModels

BaseViewModel = Base.extend({

Which we then extend for our view models:

ExampleViewModel = BaseViewModel.extend({
    text: ko.observable("")

However there seems to be a problem. When you create 2+ instances of the view model (say if you are pushing them in to an observableArray and using templates to build up a UI) it seems like any changes made to a bound field, updates all view models rather than just the one it's bound to.

Does anybody know why this might be?

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Because the extension is not actually instantiating a new observable, its just copying the reference.

I think you can do something like this:

ExampleViewModel = BaseViewModel.extend({
    constructor: function() {
        this.text = ko.observable("");

Not as nice though as normal Base2 syntax, but just a limitation in how Knockout is implemented due to issues with properties.

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