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  Campaign.find {client_id:req.param('client_id')}, (error, campaigns) ->
    if error
      response =
        error: error.message
      for campaign in campaigns
        query =
          campaign_id: campaign._id
        console.log query
        CampaignResponse.find query, (err, campaignResponsesCount) ->
          console.log campaignResponsesCount

      response = campaigns

    res.json response

For some reason, this returns no results. However, there are items in CampaignResponse with that specific campaign._id. I'm pretty sure this is an issue with types and casting, but I can't figure out what to do.

Any help?

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A couple tips:

  • Try running the same query from mongodb at the command line, see if you get any results.
  • Is the "campaign_id" defined as an ObjectId in your schema? If so, try searching using the ObjectId type.

For example:

var ObjectId = require('mongoose').Types.ObjectId; 
var query = { campaign_id: new ObjectId(campaign._id) };
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Any idea why Mongoose inserts using ObjectId and then not use ObjectId when querying? –  Simon H Oct 1 '14 at 11:17

Just to improve the previous (correct) answer, i use on my projects :

String.prototype.toObjectId = function() {
  var ObjectId = (require('mongoose').Types.ObjectId);
  return new ObjectId(this.toString());

// Every String can be casted in ObjectId now
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