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My searches are not surfacing anything. Does anyone know of a good sample MVC application that uses the NCommon framework? We are looking for a good framework that will support either EF 4 or NHibernate 3. NCommon appears to fit the bill in that regard, but the project is sorely lacking any good code samples.

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I gave up on NCommon over a year ago. I was not able to get the project owner to address a very simple pull request. In fact it's still open. It's not really very hard to roll your own UnitOfWork implementation. Domain events are even easier to roll your own.

If you really want to take a dependency on a stack, you might look at Sharp Arcihtecture instead.

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Thanks for that. The more I look at NCommon, the less I like it. – camainc Oct 26 '11 at 20:16

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