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This example is contrived, please don't take it verbatim as my code.

I have the need to assert something like the following:

def mymethod
    Dir.chdir('/tmp') do

In the end I want to assert that:

  1. Dir.chdir is invoked with the appropriate parameters.
  2. ` is invoked with the appropriate parameters

I started off with...


but after that I'm not sure how to invoke the block passed to Dir.chdir.

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You need to use the mocha yields method. Also, writing an expectation for the backtick method is rather interesting. You need to make an expectation like this:


But on what object? You might think on Kernel or Object, but that doesn't actually work.

As an example, given this module:

module MyMethod
  def self.mymethod
    Dir.chdir('/tmp') do

I could write a test like this:

class MyMethodTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
  def test_my_method
    mock_block = mock
    mock_directory_contents = mock
    assert_equal mock_directory_contents, MyMethod.mymethod

Part of the trick is to figure out which object to expect the backtick method to be invoked on. It depends on the context - whatever self is when that method is invoked. Here it is the module MyMethod, but depending on where you define mymethod it will be different.

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