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I want to get a list of all the streams, including snapshots. I can't find anything in the CLI reference.

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This command lists all the streams (be sure not to cross them):

accurev show streams

Helpful tip: You can start the GUI in debug mode and you can see what commands it runs underneath.

## (Tested on OS X.)
cd /Applications/AccuRev/bin/
java -Daccurev.debug.acapi -Daccurev.debug.env -classpath "oro.jar:xercesImpl.jar:xml-apis.jar:fw.jar" fw.MainApp 
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debugging accurev has been what I've been looking for.....Thank you! –  Bruce K May 13 at 22:11
@BruceK You can thank the AccuRev support staff. They go to great lengths to be helpful. –  zekel May 14 at 19:07

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