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I have the following code, which works well:

comments = PersonComment.gql('WHERE ANCESTOR IS :parent AND verified=True ORDER BY added DESC', parent=person_key).fetch(PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS+1, (page)*PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS)

I want to replace that with:

  comments = db.Query(PersonComment)
  comments.filter('verified = ', True)
  comments.fetch(PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS+1, (page)*PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS)

But it doesn't work. What is wrong there?

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fetch returns a result set; comments is still a Query object. You can do this:

comments = comments.fetch(PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS+1, (page)*PAGE_SIZE_COMMENTS)

Or call your query object something else to avoid confusion.

As an aside, using fetch with an offset for pagination is really inefficient. Consider using query cursors.

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Thanks, Drew. Does fetch really read all records and returns just what I've requested (compared to the cursor)? Why should I use cursor? –  LA_ Oct 24 '11 at 19:32
@LA_ Get rid of query with offset and use cursors as suggested. Queries with offset are inefficient and, billing wise, cost a lot of Datastore reads. –  systempuntoout Oct 25 '11 at 9:46

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