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I am running through a loop in Twig:

{% for item in items %}
<div class="description">
   Title: {{ item.name }}<br />
   Price: {{ item.price }}
{% else %}
{% endfor %}

If item.price is empty, it throws me an exception. Can't I just simply force Twig to give out "nothing" when a certain value is empty?

Or do I always need to {% if item.x %}{{ item.x }}{% endif %} for all values?

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You could also try the default filter:

{{ item.price|default("nothing") }}
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Go to config.yml and set the following there:

    strict_variables: false
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{% if item.price is defined and item.price not in [''] %}
    {{ item.price }}
{% endif %}

Should do the trick, or that is at least how I have handled it in the past. I am not a Twig expert though :)

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A bit nicer replacement is {% if item.price is defined and item.price not empty %}, though my vote goes to @Problematic answer. –  Anton Babenko Jan 11 '12 at 9:16

This is my shortest version for this situation:

{{ item.price|default }}

default-filter's default is FALSE, so it will output nothing and not raise an exception.

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