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I use Python's mocking framework for tests - It works great!
However, one thing I wasn't able to figure out, is how to patch a function so that I replace the call with another function.


def original_func(arg_a,arg_b):
    # ...

import module_A

def func_under_test():
    # ...
    # Some code that depends on the behavior of the patched function
    # ...

# my test code
def alternative_func(arg_a,arg_b):
    # do something essential for the test

def the_test():
    # patch the original_func with the alternative_func here
    # assertions

Usually the assertions are enough, but in this case I need the alternative_func to kick in instead of the original_func right when it is called.

Also notice that alternative_func requires the same arguments.

I'm sure it's super easy, and mayb it is the late hour, but I just don't see it...

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in your test import module_A at the top and then in your setup function use:

module_A.original_func = alternative_func
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You need to save the original function so you can restore once you're done with the test function:

import module_a

def the_test():
    orig_func = module_a.original_func
    module_a.original_func = alternative_func

    # do testing stuff

    # then restore original func for other tests
    module_a.original_func = orig_func
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You can reassign the original to point to the new

original_func = alternative_func

Then calling original will actually call alternative

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