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I have a dfs method will return me list of vectors, How can I sort the elements according to the length of the vector.

(define (dfs path) ;path store vector index, start from 0 
 ((dfsStack' empty?)(newline))
  (else (set! currentPath (dfsStack' pop!))
      (findLast (car currentPath) 0)
      (checkUnvisited (cdr (vector-ref network lastNum)))

        ((eq? lastName reach) ;reach point
         (duplicate path)          
         (dfs (+ path 1)) ;continue dfs to find next path         
        ((and (not (eq? lastName reach))(eq? unvisited #t)) ;no more neighbours
         (dfs path)
        ((and (not (eq? lastName reach))(eq? unvisited #f)) ;found the neighbours
         (pushStack lastNeighbours currentPath)
         (dfs path)
        );//end cond
);//end cond
);//end dfs
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Same way as in your previous question Scheme Vector using merge sorting

just replace length with vector-length.

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it won't work, any other sorting method? – user236501 Oct 25 '11 at 3:30
(sort list-of-vectors compare-vectors) where (define (compare-vectors vec1 vec2) <expression comparing the length of the two vectors>) – soegaard Oct 25 '11 at 14:34

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