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I have the following problem in compiling my mex C functions using MS VC++ Compiler: I have a function disc_rhs__ in a separate file disc_rhs.c which was createtd by f2c (which should be unimportant, but...). In my main function I write somewhere


I try to compile using

mex sfun_kalman.cpp -L. -llapack -lcblas_WIN -lblas_WIN -lf2c disc_rhs.c kalmanfilter_f2c.cpp

This leads to an error. The linker cannot find the external symbol ""int __cdecl disc_rhs__(double *,double *,double *,double *,double *)" (?disc_rhs__@@YAHPAN0000@Z)" used in the kalmanfilter.cpp.

To get everything compiling I copied the disc_rhs.cppto disc_rhs.h and removed the function declaration just letting a stub. This I included in kalmanfilter.h.

So why does matlab mex compiler not recognize the corrct symbol and link with the compilation of disc_rhs.c?

Thanks Christian

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Do not put the entire contents of disc_rhs.cpp into a header file and then include it in another file. This will only work as long that file is being included by a single source file, as soon as you include it in another source file you'll get multiple definition errors.

The right way to fix this problem is to create a disc_rhs.h file that contains the prototypes of all functions from disc_rhs.cpp that need to be used by other modules. Then you'd include the header file in kalmanfilter.cpp (and any other files that need to use those functions).

The error is happening because the disc_rhs file has a .c extension which causes MSVC to compile it as a C file. However, since it is being used in kalmanfilter.cpp the linker is expecting to find a C++ function that has been name mangled, which doesn't exist. To fix the problem, you need to tell the compiler that disc_rhs__() is a C function.

In disc_rhs.h

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" 
int disc_rhs__(double *,double *,double *,double *,double *);

The extern "C" directive needs to appear in front of each item being exported by disc_rhs.c, so if you have several things to extern, the following syntax is more convenient.

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
int disc_rhs__(double *,double *,double *,double *,double *);

// other stuff being externed

#ifdef __cplusplus
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Sorry for expressing me badly. I deleted everything except for the lines that define my function. You call it prototype. That might be the official name. It's like int disc_rhs__(doublereal *x, doublereal *u, doublereal *t, doublereal *params, doublereal *val); –  Christian Wolf Oct 24 '11 at 17:49
@ChristianWolf That should be good enough. Is kalmanfilter.cpp including kalmanfilter.h? Also, try moving the names of all the source files to the beginning of the mex command. mex sfun_kalman.cpp disc_rhs.c kalmanfilter_f2c.cpp ... –  Praetorian Oct 24 '11 at 18:08
Yes kalmanfilter.cpp includes kalmanfilter.h. Change of order in the mex command does noch change anything about the error. –  Christian Wolf Oct 24 '11 at 18:11
@ChristianWolf Is doublereal the same as double? Your prototype shows the data type as doublereal but the linker error shows it's trying to find a function that takes double. Maybe you need to type cast the arguments to disc_rhs__ when you call it. –  Praetorian Oct 24 '11 at 18:15
typedef double doublereal; is in f2c.h. A manual cast to (doublereal*) does not even change the text of the error message (again looking for disc_rhs__(double*...). –  Christian Wolf Oct 24 '11 at 18:45

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