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I want to have a case statement (or one you suggest) produce multiple results and those multiple results are reflected in the output. However, using the example at the bottom, I do not get the desired results. Thanks in advance.


ID Phase Total Hours Team1 Team2 Team3
1  Test      50       25     10    15
2  QA        60       20     20    20
3  Impl      40       0      20    20

Looking for:

ID Phase Total Hours Team Name Team Hour 
1  Test      50       Team 1      25
1  Test      50       Team 2      10
1  Test      50       Team 3      15
2  QA        60       Team 1      20
2  QA        60       Team 2      20
2  QA        60       Team 3      20
3  Impl      40       Team 2      20
3  Impl      40       Team 3      20

Select ID, Phase, Total Hours,
When Team1 is not null and Team1 is >0 then 'Team1'
When Team2 is not null and Team2 is >0 then 'Team2'
When Team3 is not null and Team3 is >0 then 'Team3'
end as 'Team Name',

When Team1.Hrs is not null and Team1.Hrs is >0 then Team1.Hrs
When Team2.Hrs is not null and Team2.Hrs is >0 then Team2.Hrs
When Team3.Hrs is not null and Team3.Hrs is >0 then Team3.Hrs
end as 'Team Hours'

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What does your sample query produce? –  JNK Oct 24 '11 at 17:41

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Ugly, but...

SELECT ID, Phase, [Total Hours], 'Team1' AS Team, Team1 AS [Team Hours]


SELECT ID, Phase, [Total Hours], 'Team2' AS Team, Team2 AS [Team Hours]


SELECT ID, Phase, [Total Hours], 'Team3' AS Team, Team3 AS [Team Hours]

Any reason you need your query to return like this, and couldn't do a regular query and re-arrange the data client-side?

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Creating a stored procedure to do the one to many. Thank you for the help. –  Jeremy F. Oct 28 '11 at 15:22

Use UNPIVOT. For example:

SELECT * FROM (VALUES(1,'Test',50,25,10,15),(2,'QA',60,20,20,20),(3,'Impl',40,0,20,20)
              )x(ID, Phase, [Total Hours], Team1, Team2, Team3)
SELECT ID,Phase, [Total Hours], [Team Name], [Team Hour]
  ([Team Hour] FOR [Team Name] IN (Team1, Team2, Team3)) AS unpvt
WHERE [Team Hour] > 0
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