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I need to validate a version number consisting of 'v' plus positive int, and nothing else eg "v4", "v1004"

I have

import re
pattern = "\Av(?=\d+)\W"

m = re.match(pattern, "v303")
if m is None:
    print "noMatch"
    print "match"

But this doesn't work! Removing the \A and \W will match for v303 but will also match for v30G, for example


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Pretty straightforward. First, put anchors on your pattern:


Now, let's put together the pattern:


That should do it.

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Thanks this works! – astrogirl Oct 25 '11 at 14:11

I think you may want \b (word boundary) rather than \A (start of string) and \W (non word character), also you don't need to use lookahead (the (?=...)).

Try: "\bv(\d+)\b" if you need to capture the int, "\bv\d+\b" if you don't.

Edit: You probably want to use raw string syntax for Python regexes, r"\bv\d+\b", since "\b" is a backspace character in a regular string.

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Simply use


Or enclosed it with ^\bv\d+\b$

to match it entirely..

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