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I am a silverlight and wpf developer, but I need start a new project with ASP.NET having not done much with ASP at all. It is going to be a large project so it needs to be done right in terms of architecture.

I am looking at 2 areas for information and opinions from those experienced with ASP:

1) patterns and guidelines for scalability, manageability, extensibility. This is not so much libraries and tools, but guidance for handling the common problems you face in large-scale projects in an architecturally clean way. Similar to prism guidance for silverlight/wpf.

2) tools and frameworks to check out for a large line of business ASP app

Using MVC and jquery is pretty much a given. I also plan on using entity framework, and MEF as I am familiar with them.

I am open to any words of wisdom from those experienced with large ASP projects. It's a very open-ended question because I am not providing any of my design requirements, but I am looking for mainly buzzwords and patterns/tool that I need to be aware of (not necessarily use). I need high-level information (architecture) and not detail. I can research the detail as needed.

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I would say you are best off starting with some practice on the structure of ASP.NET MVC applications. I found The ASP.NET MVC Music Store Tutorial to be a great introduction/tutorial to get your feet wet with MVC. It also gives you a good idea how EF works with ASP.NET MVC.

Then for further learning I'd check out ASP.NET's section on MVC articles and tutorials. This should give you a broad understanding of what you need to know.

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For a large website using Areas can help manage your code. This is built into the MVC framework, so nothing new here. Each area contains it's own model, views and controllers, as well as web.config and routing information. Helps keep your code separated.

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Thank you for the answers.

Project Silk was exactly what I was looking for:

It is much like the prism guidance that Silverlight/WPF has. Lots of documentation for achieving good practices such as modularization and separation of concerns, while maximizing the client experience.

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