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I'm dynamically inserting LegendItems into a Legend using the following code:

signalLegend.direction = "vertical";
for (var i:int = 0; i < numItems - 1; i++) {
    signalLegend.addChild(new LegendItem());
    legendItem = signalLegend.getChildAt(i) as LegendItem;
    legendItem.label = "Title here";
    legendItem.setStyle("fill", theColour);

While the Legend direction is set as vertical, all the items are appearing horizontally.

Very annoying.

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3 Answers

use the labelPlacement style

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This seems to be a bug. The children of the Legend control are placed wrong, if you add them at runtime. Set the direction to "horizontal" and the items will appear vertically. :-)

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Ok, I found a solution.

                <mx:Legend id="nhLeg"

And then in the LegendPosition() function:

            private function LegendPosition():void

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