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I have used a variety of HTML editors on my Mac, including
-a few others whose names escape me

But none of them are as great as Notepad++ that I have running on my PC (which is not available on Mac.) There is one feature of Notepad++ that I find utterly indispensable that I haven't seen in any other editor so far:

It highlights the beginning and end of a tag.

This has saved me SO many headaches when modifying a div-heavy site.

<div id="hooray"> 
In Notepad++ both of these element tags are highlighted. 

(I guess its "run" feature is great too. So much better than anything I have on my Mac.) So I use my Windows PC when at work but wish I had a great editor for use on my Mac at home. Anybody know of one that has this beginning and end tag highlighting feature?

I prefer freeware but I am willing to invest some money into this if that's what it takes.

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Try editors like TextMate or SublimeText. Coda is great but probably more involved than what you're looking for.

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In Aptana double clicking on the opening tag or the closing tag highlights respectively the closing and the opening tag.

You can also fold the code which is also helpful.

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Sublime Text is one of the best code editor for web developer.. Try it out if haven't tried it yet!

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