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I'm using South for migration in my Django project. When I run Pylint on my project I get a bunch of errors from the migration files. How can I exclude migration files from Pylint?

I'm on a Windows system so I can't use filename exclusions in the Pylint options. I've tried to resort to adding # pylint: disable-msg-cat=WCREFI to the top of each of my migration files. It seems very kludgy and seems to be the last resort but this documented directive doesn't work and I get the error [E] Unrecognized file option 'disable-msg-cat'.

Any help?


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Adding the following to the .pylintrc file did it.


# Add <file or directory> to the black list. It should be a base name, not a
# path. You may set this option multiple times.
ignore=tests.py, urls.py, migrations
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In recent pylint versions, disable-msg-cat has been unified with other disable-* options as a single 'disable' option. Since then,

# pylint: disable=I,E,R,F,C

may be added on top of files where you don't want any messages issued.

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