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I've faced a strange issue with session across subdomain only for google chrome. I have two subdomain a.mydomain.com & b.mydomain.com. if I open a.mydomain.com first on browser & then open b.mydomain.com & login from there then I'm not getting the session in a.mydomain.com. But if I login first from b.mydomain.co & then open a.mydomain.com I'm getting the session in a.mydomain.com.

I'm unable to solve this. Please help

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Make sure you are setting the session cookie from both domain at .mydomain.com. It seems you are not setting the session cookie to .mydomain.com when you login from a.mydomain.com –  Framework Oct 24 '11 at 18:50
you are getting me wrong. session in a.mydomain is not working only if I happen to open a.mydomain.com on browser before b.domain.com. This problem I'm not facing in IE –  iThink Oct 24 '11 at 18:59

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Look at the session cookies in your browser. What are the domain settings on them? Possibly your sites have different cookie settings. where the a site is setting a .mydomain.com cookie, and the b site is setting b.mydomain.com, prevent the cookie from appear on site a.

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silly me, found the answer so liked to share it

I used session.cookie_domain only for b.mydomain.com & not for a.mydomain.com

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Cookies will only be inherited when setting them on the domain one level above. Setting the cookie on example.com will inherit it to www.example.com, foo.example.com, etc. Setting a cookie on www.example.com will not show the cookie to foo.example.com.

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