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Client sends 50k customers in an xml file. I use Spring Batch's JaxBMarshaller and run in a Spring Batch job.

Spring batch job gets a file, processes, and writes.

Problem is, it's ALL or NONE validation with jaxb. If I have 50k objects and only 2 of them fail validation, I still need 49,998 objects to be processed by business.

There's a class, javax.xml.bind.ValidationEventHandler; you can set it to JaxBMarshaller but it only returns true or false and provides no access to the object being marshaled.

I also added on the chunk Reader; error still throws.

Sample schema:

<xs:element name="CustomerLists">
           <xs:element name="Customer" maxOccurs="unbounded" type="Customer"/>

Sample Xml:

<a:CustomerLists xmlns:a="http://foo.com">






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The javax.xml.bind.ValidationEventHandler is the correct mechanism to use with JAXB. You can access the problematic object for an unmarshal operation through the ValidationEvent:

package blog.jaxb.validation;

import javax.xml.bind.ValidationEvent;
import javax.xml.bind.ValidationEventHandler;

public class MyValidationEventHandler implements ValidationEventHandler {

    public boolean handleEvent(ValidationEvent event) {
        System.out.println("SEVERITY:  " + event.getSeverity());
        System.out.println("MESSAGE:  " + event.getMessage());
        System.out.println("LINKED EXCEPTION:  " + event.getLinkedException());
        System.out.println("    OBJECT:  " + event.getLocator().getObject());
        return true;


For More Information

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event.getLocator().getObject() returns NULL –  priyatam Oct 26 '11 at 18:46
@pritam - On a marshal or unmarshal operation? –  Blaise Doughan Oct 26 '11 at 18:47
it happens on unmarshal –  priyatam Oct 28 '11 at 15:55

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