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I'm trying to run a virtual field on hasMany Through Model in Cake and below is the table:

id  user_id  friend_id
1   3        4
2   5        6

Above is Friends hasMany through table which both user_id and friend_id belongs to User table has lat,lng fields so we could access them by providing hasMany user_id and friend with same alias for both in Friend model.

My question is how can we access the friend_id lat, lng from User table after conditional searching this Friends table?

I need to them run queries on friends' lat lngs like below:

$this->Friend->virtualFields = array(    
            'distance' => "6371 * ACos( Cos( RADIANS( ) ) * Cos( RADIANS( $lat ) ) * Cos( RADIANS( $lng ) - RADIANS( Friend.lng ) ) + Sin( RADIANS( ) ) * Sin( RADIANS( $lat ) ) )"

But below generates SQL error Unkown column

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That's expected, lat and lng are not part of the Friend model, it's part of User. –  Jason McCreary Oct 24 '11 at 19:20
So how can we access lat lng of the Friends after searching on Friends table with user_id to find list of all friends then using those friend_ids fetched, search the Users table to run Virtual fields on all Friends on Users table?? –  Passionate Developer Oct 24 '11 at 19:25

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