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How can I create a new column (inCount) with numbering of occurrences in a specific column? Here is an example:

id      name        inCount
1       Orly        1
2       Ernest      1
3       Rachel      1
4       Don         1
5       Don         2
6       Ernest      2
7       Angela      1
8       Ernest      3
9       David       1
10      Rachel      2
11      Sully       1
12      Sully       2
13      Rachel      3
14      David       2
15      David       3
16      Kevin       1
17      Kevin       2
18      Orly        2
19      Angela      2
20      Sully       3
21      Kevin       3
22      Don         3
23      Orly        3
24      Angela      3

Don from id 5 is numbered 2 because Don appears in id 4 too. Don from id 22 is numbered 3 due to the above preceding occurrences.

I use MS SQL SERVER 2008 R2 Express edition.


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This should work

  FROM table

EDIT: Added order by clause on the select in order to show results in same order indicated by OP. The ORDER BY in the ROW_NUMBER did not change the outcome, but I changed to id as it will keep the row_number correct for the sample data.

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He's going to order by the id, not the name, to get the desired numbering. Ordering by name may (as in, the behaviour is potentially undefined) result in different ids being labelled with the given incremented inCount. – Clockwork-Muse Oct 24 '11 at 20:22
@X-Zero - I was concerned about that myself, but I ran a quick test and the outcome was not impacted as long as order by was specified for the select. I can see that the results might not be 100%, so I agree - it should be order by id in the row_number clause. – Leons Oct 24 '11 at 20:32

You could use partition by, like:

select  row_number() over (partition by name order by id) as inCount
,       *
from    YourTable
order by
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