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Why in Xcode 4 (i don't kwow in 3.2) when i drag and drop a table from interface builder it became NSScrollView? Where is NSTableView??? (NSTableView in NSScrollView)

How can i access NSTableView from NSScrollView?

How can i add a row, delete, customize and RELOAD DATA?

Why if i do

for (id obj in scrollView.subviews)
  NSLog(@"obj: %@", obj);

i don't able to get NSTableView description?


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XCode automatically embeds the table in a scroll view for you. To select your Table View you can either slowly double click on the Scroll View, press control+shift and click on the Scroll View, or click the right-facing triangle under the vertical objects in the XIB to reveal every object in the XIB.

You can access it programatically by calling [scrollView documentView], because it is technically a subview of the ScrollView's Content View (an instance of NSClipView)

To populate your table view you can provide content by hooking up a data source, or by binding its table columns to an array controller.

It's kind of complicated, you should probably take a look at the Documentation

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Well, [scrollView.documentView reloadData] is perfect! thanks. – elpsk Oct 24 '11 at 22:06

To access the tableview just connect the tableview with the code (IBOutlet NSTableview *yourTableview) then access it easily like [yourTableview reloadData]; Dont bother about the scrollview

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Inside "Bordered Scroll View" there is a "Clip View" and inside there is a "Table View". This one you need to connect with your code.

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