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Is there a way to check the position my jobs within an LSF queue?

If I run:

$ bjobs -u all -q my_queue

I get a list of jobs from all users within my_queue, but is this list sorted by the position of my jobs within the queue?

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I believe you're interested in pending jobs.

This will show all pending jobs in a queue.

bjobs -u all -p -q my_queue

This list is sorted by position in queue.

The position is based on job priority and submit time.

Keep in mind, what is displayed is not a perfect indication of when a job will run. LSF will start jobs as the correct resources are available. A job requiring a lot of resources may be first in the queue. But if the required resources are not available, LSF will start other jobs behind it that are within the available resources.

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Also, the scheduling algorithm (e.g., user-level fair share), and user/group limits will affect things. –  Michael Closson Dec 21 '12 at 23:33

To check progress on individual job -

bpeek -f <job_id>

This command sort of creates an output stream where the job redirects it's output.

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