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I am getting the following error when trying to import a project in Eclipse:

Implementation of project facet jst.icefaces could not be found.
Functionality will be limited

This project uses Maven 2, JSF 2 and IceFaces 2. How can I solve this error?

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You need the ICEFaces 2 Eclipse plugin. You can find details in this "Creating ICEfaces Applications with Eclipse" tutorial. Here's an extract of relevance:

ICEfaces 2 Eclipse Plugin

Download the Eclipse plugin from http://www.icefaces.org/main/downloads/ under Tools Support -> Eclipse. Place the zip file in a local directory.

enter image description here

Start Eclipse. From the Eclipse main menu bar, select Help -> Install New Software... -> Add --> Archive... Select the plugin (zip file) from your local directory, give it a name and click Ok.

enter image description here

Select the checkbox beside ICEfaces Update Site, click Next, accept Licenses and click Finish.

enter image description here

This will require a restart of Eclipse.

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Do you know which library I need if the warning is "Implementation of project facet jboss.m2 could not be found. Functionality will be limited."? –  Gerold Broser Jun 13 at 11:31

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