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I'm constructing a feed in rails and I would like the entire show path for my items to be returned in the content portion. My current code only prints the path without the root.

entry.content link_path(link) returns something like links/44 but I would like to return http://www.example.com/links/44. Using the root of wherever the app is being hosted. Thanks for any help.

atom_feed do |feed|
  feed.title "Wrld"
  feed.updated @links.first.created_at

  @links.each do |link|
    feed.entry link do |entry|
      entry.title link.title
      entry.content link_path(link), :type => 'html'

      entry.author do |author|
        author.name "Wrld"


Thanks Leonid, link_url(link) did it

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link_url is what you're looking for. In general any route helper with _path returns the path part and the _url helper returns the entire URL.

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