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I have a .NET console application (let's call it Bar.exe) that runs code in another assembly, let's call it Foo.dll. Foo.dll references some external assemblies.

Currently I have to reference the external assemblies in both Foo.dll's project and Bar.exe's project. I would like to only reference them in Foo.dll's project as there are many other projects in the solution that reference other external assemblies. The way I have things organized will lead to a cluttered and duplicated situation.

Is there a better way to organize my solution so I don't need to include the external DLLs with Bar.exe?

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It isn't clear why you have to reference them. The build system normally knows how to copy those assemblies into the Bar build directory without your help. –  Hans Passant Oct 25 '11 at 1:48

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Is there any code in Bar.exe that depends directly on the external assemblies? What build error message do you get when you try to reference only Foo.dll from Bar.exe?

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