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I have a web program where I want the user to be able to import a .war file and I can extract certain files out of the .war file. I have found two class libraries: java.util.zip.* and java.util.jar.*. From what I understand, a WAR file is a special JAR file which is a special ZIP file. So would it be better to use java.util.jar? If ZIP and JAR files are pretty much the same why is there a need for two different libraries?

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What will you do with the files inside the war file? –  Thorbjørn Ravn Andersen Oct 24 '11 at 22:47

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If you look at the JarFile API you'll see that it's a subclass of the ZipFile class.

The jar-specific classes mostly just add jar-specific functionality, like direct support for manifest file attributes and so on.

It's OOP "in action"; since jar files are zip files, the jar classes can use zip functionality and provide additional utility.

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WAR file is just a JAR file, to extract it, just issue following jar command –

jar -xvf yourWARfileName.war

if jar command is not found as the commnad as sometimes happen in windows command prompt, then specify full path i.e. in my case it is,

 c:\java\jdk-1.7.0\bin\jar -xvf my-file.war
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I used this command and extrated .war file.. but all these goes to bin folder.. can u paste the command for choosing extracting location –  Gnanam R Jan 7 '14 at 8:27

Just rename the .war into .jar , and unzip it using winrar (or any other archive manager).

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Like you said, a jar is a zip file (not a special type, but just a plain old zip), so either library could be made to work. The reasoning is that the average person, seeing a *.zip extension, tends to unzip it. Since the app server wants it unzipped, a simple rename keeps people from unzipping it simply out of habit. Likewise, *.war file also should remain uncompressed.

java.util.jar basically just adds additional functionality to java.util.zip with very little extra overhead. Let the java.util.jar be a helper in posting, etc... and use it.

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Jar class/package is for specific Jar file mechanisms where there is a manifest that is used by the Jar files in some cases.

The Zip file class/package handles any compressed files that include Jar files, which is a type of compressed file.

The Jar classes thus extend the Zip package classes.

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You can also use 7-zip, it's a free program, download it from here : http://www.7-zip.org/

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if you using linux,ubuntu than you can directly extract data from .war file. --use winZip

  • WAR file is just a JAR file, to extract it, just issue following jar command – “jar -xvf yourWARfileName.war“.
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