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Using a UISplitViewController with MonoTouch.Dialog (DialogViewController) I am having issues when using the "back" button of the navigation controller:


There is a big animation on the detail side vertically from top to bottom.

I uploaded a small MonoTouch sample to https://github.com/t9mike/MonoTouch-TabPlusNav1-Sample. [Since updated with fix]

I am using the excellent MonoTouch.Dialog library, also on GitHub. The example references this.

How I am creating the view controller for the first tab:

var spit_view = new MySplitViewController();
spit_view.Delegate = new UISplitViewControllerDelegate();
spit_view.ViewControllers = new UIViewController[] { 
    new MyNavigationController(), 
    new DetailViewController("Tab #1") 
Add(UITabBarSystemItem.Search, spit_view); // custom method

Is there a fix for the vertical animation when I pop navigation?


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For you first question:

Is there a fix for the vertical animation when I pop navigation?

Look at: UINavigationController scrolls down on back button click

Note that you have a better chance to get answers (and faster ones) if you split your questions :-)

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Thanks poupou! I will update my question. –  t9mike Oct 25 '11 at 1:29

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