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I know enums are currently only available in the June 2011 CTP and won't be in 4.2. What other factors would make someone choose one or the other?

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Ladislav Mrnka has a great SO answer that breaks down the differences between DB First, Code First and Model First. I strongly suggest that you go read it and upvote it.

Besides that, I would only add the following points:

  • Even in the June 2011 CTP, Enum support is limited, so you might want to see if any of those issues are showstoppers for you. Update: EF5+ supports Enums with EF Designer and Code First.

  • If you are implementing EF against an Oracle DB, and you don't want to pay for a data provider, then you will be without Code First, as Oracle's own provider (still in beta) doesn't support it.

Edit: here is another comprehensive answer from Ladislav.

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