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I have a huge list of URLs and my task is to feed them to a python script which should spit out the feed urls if there are any. Is there an API library or code out there that can help?

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I second waffle paradox in recommending Beautiful Soup for parsing the HTML and then getting the <link rel="alternate"> tags, where the feeds are referenced. The code I usually use:

from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup as parser

def detect_feeds_in_HTML(input_stream):
    """ examines an open text stream with HTML for referenced feeds.

    This is achieved by detecting all ``link`` tags that reference a feed in HTML.

    :param input_stream: an arbitrary opened input stream that has a :func:`read` method.
    :type input_stream: an input stream (e.g. open file or URL)
    :return: a list of tuples ``(url, feed_type)``
    :rtype: ``list(tuple(str, str))``
    # check if really an input stream
    if not hasattr(input_stream, "read"):
        raise TypeError("An opened input *stream* should be given, was %s instead!" % type(input_stream))
    result = []
    # get the textual data (the HTML) from the input stream
    html = parser(
    # find all links that have an "alternate" attribute
    feed_urls = html.findAll("link", rel="alternate")
    # extract URL and type
    for feed_link in feed_urls:
        url = feed_link.get("href", None)
        # if a valid URL is there
        if url:
    return result
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There's feedfinder:

>>> import feedfinder
>>> feedfinder.feed('')
>>> feedfinder.feeds('')
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I don't know any existing library, but Atom or RSS feeds are usually indicated with a <link> tag in the <head> section as such:

<link rel="alternative" type="application/rss+xml" href="">
<link rel="alternative" type="application/atom+xml" href="">

Straightforward way would be downloading and parsing these URL's with an HTML parser like lxml.html and getting the href attribute of relevant <link> tags.

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Depending on how well-formed the information in these feeds are (e.g., Are all the links in the form of http://.../? Do you know if they will all be in href or link tags? Are all the links in the feeds going to be to other feeds? etc.), I'd recommend anything from a simple regex to a straight-up parsing module to extract links from the feeds.

As far as parsing modules go, I can only recommend beautiful soup. Though even the best parser will only go so far--esp in the case I mentioned above, if you can't guarantee all links in the data are going to be links to other feeds; then you have to do some additional crawling and probing on your own.

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