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I have two surefire executions in one profile - they need different config. When I run -Dtest=..., the matching test is running twice - once for each execution.

How can I make the test run only once? Or better, how can I make surefire follow includes and excludes? (One execution would run 0 tests; I'd use -DfailIfNoTest=false.)

                    <executions combine.children="append">

                        <!-- Disable default-test execution. -->

                        <!-- Single node clustering tests. -->

                        <!-- Multi node clustering tests. -->

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Maybe I could introduce another profile, activated by property "test", which would disable the execution by it's ID. Or is that possible only in a submodule? – Ondra Žižka Oct 25 '11 at 2:37
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This sounds like a misuse of the maven-surefire-plugin, cause you seemed to have some kind of integration-tests which should be done by the maven-failsafe-plugin instead. By using them you automatically have different configurations for unit- and integration tests. The maven-surefire-plugin is intended to run unit tests where as the maven-failsafe-plugin is intended to run integration tests. Furthermore you configuration looks like you need different kind of integration-tests which means in other word to have several integration-tests modules.

 +-- pom.xml
 +-- module-1
 +-- module-2
 +-- integration-test-single-node
 +-- integration-test-multi-node

And this will be the best thing to have different configurations for integration test runs.

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Version 2.12 of the maven-surefire-plugin has a fix for this problem. (See

Describing the changes added to v2.12: Quoted from John Casey's comment on the JIRA link above:

Also, in cases where there are multiple test execution blocks, to avoid running a specified test in the wrong block, the existing includes/excludes are now honored...the specified tests now act as a refining filter on these includes/excludes. This means that in cases where there are multiple test-execution blocks, you cannot run a test that wouldn't ordinarily be run by just using -Dtest=... any more.

In cases where there is only a single test-execution block, the specified tests should override the includes as before.

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SUREFIRE-806 is reported by me :) And 2.12 has a regression, see . – Ondra Žižka Mar 16 '12 at 21:06

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