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Ok, I already have it in postfix notation and I am sending over a string variable that will have the postfix notation as something such as: 5 15 2 *+ Here is my code:

int evaluatePostFix(string postfix_expression){
//Create a new stack
stack<int> theStack;
//Loops while the postfix expression string still contains values
    //Loops on a number an whitespace
    while(isdigit(postfix_expression.at(0)) || isspace(postfix_expression.at(0))){
        //Holds a number that is above two digits to be added to the stack
        string completeNum;
            //Add the digit so it can become a full number if needed
        else {
            //Holds the integer version of completeNum
            int intNum;
            //Make completeNum an int
            //push the number onto the stack
        //Check to see if it can be shortened
            //Shorten the postfix expression
    //An Operator has been found
        int num1, num2;
        char op;
        //Grabs from the top of the stack
        //Pops the value from the top of the stack - kinda stupid how it can return the value too
        //Grabs the value from the top of the stack
        //Pops the value from the top of the stack
        //Grab the operation
        //Shorten the postfix_expression
        //Push result onto the stack
        theStack.push(Calculate(num1,num2, op));
return theStack.top();


The error I get is "Deque iterator not deferencable"

Any help that I can get on this error would be much appreciated. btw I haven't used C++ in a couple of years so I'm a bit rusty.

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Why are you handling isspace() the same as isdigit()? That seems like a mistake to me. (Though probably not the error message you've tripped.) –  sarnold Oct 25 '11 at 1:55
You pasted all that code in because you had a syntax error? Why would you not post just the lines that caused the error? –  Ayjay Oct 25 '11 at 1:58
Hrm, you're checking to see if you can shorten the string after consuming some of it as input. I don't think you'll ever terminate your outer while(postfix_expression.length()>=1) loop if the string ends with a space or digit. Don't check if you can reduce the string -- you consumed the input, so reduce its size. Also, removing only a single digit from the string will fail if you give it 12 as input. –  sarnold Oct 25 '11 at 1:58
Why use the foo=stack.top(); stack.pop(); thing? More idiomatic would be foo=stack.pop(); and not peek into the stack first. –  sarnold Oct 25 '11 at 1:59

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It would be easier if you told us which line was causing the error by stepping through with a debugger. However, I think I may have spotted the error.

In this block of code

    //Add the digit so it can become a full number if needed

You ask for the postfix_expression.at(1) without ever checking if that element exists. Since there is no check, you might be accessing bad memory locations.

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