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Is there any option for local database like Sqlite for j2me - CLDC devices? PerstLite and OpenBaseMovil are both under dual license. Is there any open source option for this? Or, any alternate way of developing application.

share|improve this question also has a SQLite binding, making the implementation cross platform as well. – David d C e Freitas Aug 18 '11 at 14:30
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from List of Database in J2ME:
Apache Derby - an open source relational database / about 2 megabytes
Java DB - Sun's supported distribution of Apache Derby database / footprint of 2.5 MB
Floggy - free object persistence framework for J2ME/MIDP applications / 11k API
J2MEMicroDB - free object persistence framework for J2ME
mDrawer - J2ME generic database program with DES encryption
RMS DB Class - J2ME class to provide easy access to the RMS-Database system of mobile phones
Micro DB - implementation of relation database in J2ME plataform

For small amount of data you also may use kXML + miniXPath

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Anything specific for Blackberry devices? UltraliteJ is not open source. Sqlite not available for Blackberry devices... – iOSDev May 22 '09 at 3:56
Well... UltraliteJ is a part of Sybase SQL Anywhere. It has developer license for 1 machine, so you can develope and test with it for free. but it's commertial and youll have to buy deployement license for delivery. Anyway I heard there will be sqllite support for blackberry in next version, so hold on ;) – Max Gontar May 22 '09 at 6:19

I think Floggy is promising. It's frequently updated and it has good documentation. Released under Apache license.

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