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I was reading an article by Eric Evans a while ago where he described about DDD and up front model exploration before you start writing your code. Now I'm confused, I'm doing some research on agile development and XP, and I don't understand how much design (low level like defining entities, their relationships, behavior etc) you need to do upfront before you start development. Is there any best practice like atleast 2-3 user stories need to be design upfront before you start coding or something?

Lets say if you just concentrate one user story at a time (according to agile) isn't your design would need lots of refactoring (or may endup bad design) as the project progress because you are just ignoring all the other stories/features of your application?

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This video by Eric Evans might help guide you in the right direction. Also actively practicing DDD will, in time, make things more clear.

About Agile, either using XP,SCRUM or whatever, you need to remember that is not just a name or a recipe, it's more like a state of mind - being agile. You feel that more design upfront is good for YOUR specific project at THAT specific time - then do it. You feel that you are doing too much design upfront then stop doing it and start approaching user stories. In my view agile means being flexible and adjusting the process to each specific project and team - just keep it real and always keep an eye on your goals.

Ah, and just remember that no meter how good you get, the first model you make will fail :) ( it's Eric Evans that said something like this in some video )

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thanks very much for your response. I just watched that video and it did clear some of my concern regarding agile and DDD. But I'm still confused over DDD in agile. In his presentation he says that it's necessary to see the overall picture of the system, define boundaries etc... although agile says that you need to concentrate on one thing at a time... everything is iterative, even your design. The system we are going to build is a big system and we are estimating around 1.5 years for it to complete. So now once again I'm confused about the upfront design. – tkl33 Oct 25 '11 at 18:07
What is overall picture of system should we look at the begning. Should we concentrate on one release, or few user stories or what? – tkl33 Oct 25 '11 at 18:07

Both DDD and agile share a lot, just small list here:

  • you all the time improve your model with a help of domain experts
  • you refactor your model and implementation (as Evans calls it "toward deeper insight")
  • you keep your implementation in sync with your model
  • you focus on the most important (core domain)

So, you focus on model and build it incrementally.

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Agile development (a way of thinking , it does not tell you how to design your architecture) is for applications that are evolving continuously , DDD (as in MDA model driven architecture )is a software architecture that suits better for non-evolving applications . You can use any software architecture with AGILE but you can't say AGILE tells you haw to design your application . You can say SOA (service oriented achitecture ) is better combined with AGILE deveopment . You'll waste more time refactoring the domain when choosing DDD+AGILE than developing the actual software . – Geo C. Jul 30 '13 at 12:18

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