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When trying to use a system supplied NSValueTransformer in Core Data I get the following warning:

Warning: no NSValueTransformer with class name 'NSKeyedUnarchiveFromDataTransformerName' was found for attribute 'someAttribute' on entity 'SomeEntity'

How come the NSKeyedUnarchiveFromDataTransformer is not recognized?

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Turns out that the actual string that the NSKeyedUnarchiveFromDataTransformer points too for this transformer is NSKeyedUnarchiveFromData. But even more importantly: if you specify this, the transformer will be used in the wrong direction. Leave the transformer name field empty to use NSKeyedUnarchiveFromDataTransformer correctly.

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You get "+[_PFRoutines encodeObjectValue:forTransformableAttribute:](2295): CoreData: Ubiquity: Unable to find an instance of NSValueTransformer registered for the name:" if you use CD + iCloud. So none of this is true. you better off with your own transformer. – Andy Jul 31 '15 at 14:03

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