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I want to count how many g items appear in a list, below is the code I was trying now, but I got false when return.

g(E) :- memberchk(E, [apple, orange, pear, grape, lycee, pineapple,dragonfruit]).

countFruit([], No):- write(' >> No of Fruits : '), write(No), nl.
countFruit([H|T], No) :- not(g(H)), countFruit(T,No).
countFruit([H|T], No) :- No1 is No+1, countFruit(T,No1).

?countFruit(H,0). (H is a list).
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By calling ?- countFruit(H,0). you are telling prolog to unify the No variable in your countfruit\2 predicate to 0. So the result can only ever be 0 or fail.

If I run your code as-is though, I get the following:


Here's my take on this problem:

countFruit(Xs, No) :-
    countFruit(Xs, No, 0).

countFruit([], No, No).
countFruit([H|T], No, X0) :-
    member(H, [apple, orange, pear, grape, lycee, pineapple, dragonfruit]),
    X1 is X0 + 1,
    countFruit(T, No, X1).
countFruit([_|T], No, X) :-
    countFruit(T, No, X).

?- countFruit([orange, dog, dragonfruit, lycee], X),
    write(" >> No of Fruits : "),
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Your code contains one bug: since the second and third clause of countFruit/2 use the same head, you should add a cut after the not(g(H)) test in the second clause. Otherwise, you'll get a wrong answer on backtracking.

Also, instead of using not(g(H)), you could simplify the code by checking for g(H) instead and reformulating the second and third clause accordingly. But that's just beautifying.

Other than that, I can't see an obvious problem with your code. Can you supply the actual query that resulted in 'false'?.

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