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I have a collection of Active Directory user DirectoryEntries and I need to get the street address associated with each. I'm using something along the lines of:

    bool TryGetPropertyValue(DirectoryEntry de, string propertyName, out string propertyValue)
        if (de.Properties.Contains(propertyName) && de.Properties[propertyName].Count > 0)
            propertyValue = de.Properties[propertyName][0].ToString();
            return true;
        propertyValue = string.Empty;
        return false;

But I can't find a value of propertyName that will get the address of the user. Does one exist, or is there another way to get this information?

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Please have a look at… – Tariqulazam Oct 25 '11 at 5:50
"Address", "Address-Home", "Registered-Address" and "Street-Address" are address-related items on the User-class in windows AD you could try one of those. The complete list can be found here: – Falle1234 Oct 25 '11 at 5:57
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Be careful of the way you get DirectoryEntry de. On pure LDAP point of view, it's better to specify during a directory search the attributes that you really want to retreive. I know that most of developpers suppose that all attributes should be retreive, but on the LDAP point of view it's not so evident :

/* Connection to Active Directory
string sFromWhere = "LDAP://WM2008R2ENT:389/dc=dom,dc=fr";
DirectoryEntry deBase = new DirectoryEntry(sFromWhere, "dom\\jpb", "root.123");

DirectorySearcher dsLookFor = new DirectorySearcher(deBase);
dsLookFor.Filter = "(CN=user1 Users)";
dsLookFor.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;
// Add one line for each property you need.

SearchResultCollection srcUsers = dsLookFor.FindAll();

On the attributes names point of view you'd better refer to Active Directory Schema and specialy All atributes.

In order to link an attribute with an entry field in the user and computer Active-Directory MMC you can use LDP.EXE (which is native in W2K8, and come from the ressource kit in W2K3). Another interesting tool is Apache Directory Studio. It works on all plateforms (Linux (MAC), Microsoft) and allow you to browse the Directory and the Schema.

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