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I've tried looking for an example of using the @Value annotation in Spring 3 to read values from a properties file using Spring EL but I haven't found a good example.

Here are some of the constituent pieces I've seen to achieve this except I don't know how all of these work together to read from a properties file

<util:properties id="ewConfiguration" location="classpath:ew.properties"/>

Now, how do I use this in my class to retrieve values from the ew.properties file to bind them to instance variables ?

For instance, if there exists a property url=www.google.com

and I have

class AppConfig {

 private String url //what do I use in the place of the ??? to bind the value of the url property 
                    // in the properties file to this instance variable ?
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This example should be enough to get you started.

Nutshell Reference the property file's values like this:

private String url;
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url gives 502 bad gateway now –  Tommy Apr 10 '14 at 10:02

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