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Jmeter test plan structure

Test Plan

Test Thread

    Cookie Manager(set variable PHPSessionID)

    HTTP request A

    regular expression extractor(get value from HTTP A's response, set PHPSessionID value)

    HTTP request B(I want PHPSessionID send by B request as a cookie value )

As we know Config controller is execute before A request, so it won't reset PHPSessionID value in Cookie. Is there any method to do what I want? Any help is appreciated

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Cookie information is dynamic for each thread, so I think it already does what you want:

If you have an HTTP Request and the response contains a cookie, the Cookie Manager automatically stores that cookie and will use it for all future requests to that particular web site. Each JMeter thread has its own "cookie storage area". So, if you are testing a web site that uses a cookie for storing session information, each JMeter thread will have its own session. Note that such cookies do not appear on the Cookie Manager display, but they can be seen using the View Results Tree Listener.


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Thank you for your help, BlackGaff! I change cookie policy to "compatibility" in cookie manager, then I saw PHPSessionID is recorded automatic, it partly solve my problem . I want to dynamic set cookie value for another reason. I am testing a webgame, which have a accountID, in each http request need to send this accountID's MD5 value in cookie. so for accountID 100001, which send in cookie is E2A6A1ACE352668000AED191A817D143, I can use a program in pre shell bean to caculate it. but how can I set this value in cookie –  JimmyXu Oct 27 '11 at 3:19

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