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I am using Rails 3 and devise and am trying to make it so that when a person comes to my web app, they are taken directly to the user registration sign_up link instead of the sign in link.

I'm pretty sure that I'm having this problem because my routes are configured like:

root :to => "babies#new" 

Accessing the baby model requires a user to be logged in. To get around this I've tried changing this to:

root :to => "users#sign_up"

It doesn't seem to work? I get an error saying that I have an:

uninitialized constant UsersController

Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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One of the solutions is to create separate controller say main and an action in it sign_up_redirect. Then configure your routes file like this:

root :to => "main#sign_up_redirect"

and write in that action next:

redirect_to new_user_registration_path

* path to registration can be different to you

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Is this what you mean? gist.github.com/1312293 . I feel like I might be getting something wrong. –  Paul Oct 25 '11 at 10:57
Emm, in general yes, but I am not sure about Parents constant you pass to the method new_registration_path, btw: does new_registration_path is the proper method name for registration url? –  bor1s Oct 25 '11 at 11:21

The following error happens when the corresponding controller is not found. You should check whether you are having UsersController or UserController

uninitialized constant UsersController
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Unless you are scoping the Devise routes, root :to => 'users#sign_up' doesn't exist. I would also highly recommend against setting any Devise route as your root as all of the Devise hooks redirect to root ie. after_sign_up, after_sign_in, after_update. I think that for the desired outcome you have two options.

First would be to simply put a sign up form on the page at your root url. You can follow the logic in this tutorial to accomplish this, obviously changing from sign in to sign up.

The second option that comes readily to mind is to create a passthrough controller that simply has an index action that redirects to the sign up page. Something like that could look like this.

class PassthroughController < ApplicationController

  def index
    redirect_to 'devise/registrations#new'


Either option is simple enough to implement.

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