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Hi I have previously opened this thread How to tag users in feed like Facebook or Twitter does?. I am working with jquery autocomplete & so far I have this code with me.

Now when I am entering @user-name the suggestions are appearing. But when I hit spacebar the suggestions still remain there. Ideally suggestions should disappear as I hit space bar as we experience in facebook. Please help me to get the ideal behaviour. Thank you!

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I'm actually not seeing that with Facebook... It looks like when you hit space sometimes new suggestions come up. Additionally, with the code you're using options should disappear unless there's a space in the autocomplete option in the dropdown. –  Andrew Whitaker Oct 25 '11 at 16:42
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Edit your code to add one more line to else scope on line number 45

    $( "#birds" ).blur().focus();
    return false;

I'm sure it will fix the problem.

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