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I've a designing problem with combining ASP.NET (forms, update panels) with jQuery.

Application contains multiple input elements (textboxes, checkboxes, dropdowns etc.) all of them need to autopostback (some long-time server-side calculations, on all). Basically i cannot change this workflow.

I would like to use jQuery UI modal Dialog, with UpdatePanel, contains multiple autopostbacking inputs. I tried, but without success - jQuery dialog does not show after postback, or looses focus.

Any suggestions?

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You have to bind the jquery events after each partial postback. See this jquery needs to rebind events on partial page postback

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you can register client side script after post back.

ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock(MyBase.Page, Me.GetType, ("dialogJavascript" + this.ID), "alert(\"Registered\");", True)

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One option would be to put the controls inside another page and open the dialog as an IFrame - that should fix the postback problem.

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