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I have a code like this

MERGE INTO target_table tgt
USING source_table src
UPDATE SET tgt.c1=src.c2

I get ORA-38104: Columns referenced in the ON clause cannot be updated. I understand the reason for this error. But how can we rewrite this code? Is there any possibilities without using cursor?

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How about this, the outer join means the rid will be null and thus fail, and so flow into the WHEN NOT MATCHED part of the statement if you have one

MERGE INTO target_table tgt
            ,  s2.c2
        FROM   target_table t2
             , source_table s2
        WHERE t2.c1 (+) = s2.c1
      ) src
ON (tgt.rowid = src.rid)
UPDATE SET tgt.c1=src.c2
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I'm getting this error ORA-01445-cannot select ROWID from a join view without a key-preserved table Cause: A SELECT statement attempted to select ROWIDs from a view derived from a join operation. Because the rows selected in the view do not correspond to underlying physical records, no ROWIDs can be returned. if i use this query – Vivek Nov 3 '11 at 9:37
You must be doing something slightly different. Are you sure you have t2.ROWID AS something? It would NOT be valid to use src.ROWID which is why I aliased it AS rid – Sodved Nov 3 '11 at 14:56
Yes, you are correct. I missed to rename t2.ROWID as rid. Its working fine after i add the alias name. Thank you Sodved :) – Vivek Nov 8 '11 at 7:05

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