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I have csv file with data

name, state


I want to put those data to tables:

Table1{id[PK], name}
State{table1_id[FK], state}.

Main problem here is to how store newly created Table1 id and use it during inserting to State table How to do this with pentaho?

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1 Answer

For Table1 (in your example it is dimension) use 'Combination lookup/update' from 'Data Warehouse' tab:

  • Dimension field=name
  • Field in stream=name
  • Technical key field=id

Connect 'Combination lookup/update' to 'Insert / Update'. Use 'Insert / Update' for State table (in your example it is fact table)

  • the key(s) to look up the value(s): state=state, table1_id=id;
  • Update fields: state=state, Table1_id=id, all with Y flag for update

'Combination lookup/update' check if given Field exists in Dimension table if yes then you have id from database if not then new value will be inserted and new key returned.

Regards Mateusz

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