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I have a problem. I have a label which displays a name. When I double click on it it becomes a text box and I can rename this text from here and on the onblur event it updates the name in the database.

the problem arises when I give "<" and ">" brackets before and after the string.

For Example:

If I give value like this:

  • >name or name< it works fine
  • >name< it also works fine

problem arises when I gave

  • <name> it automatically creates tag like that <name>1</name> and I am not able to rename it.
  • when I gave <name or name> it saves in database but its not coming from the database.I m not able to rename it.

Anybody can give any idea why its happening?? thanx in advance..

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When displaying the name you need to escape the HTML so the angle brackets display.

You may be processing the input value on the server side to strip out non-alphanumeric characters. Which nobody has in their name, so this seems reasonable.

In any case, I'd check the path of the property value, make sure it's being escaped/unescaped when necessary, and that nothing removes HTML-like or non-alpha characters from the value.

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