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I need to add a date comparison test to my selenium tests. Are there any restrictions when it comes to adding JavaScript within the tests? In my case I have the date form like this "2011-01-01 15:30" and I need to break out the numbers to do a JavaScript date like this new Date(2011,1,1,15,30).

<td>//here I would put in the javascript to parse the two strings "2010-01-01 13:15", "2010-01-02 11:15" to a new Date(2010,1,1,13,15),new Date(2010,1,2,11,15) and return a bool if true or false</td>
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Nope, that ought to work fine. Except, of course, that JavaScript's brain-damaged Date() thinks that months (and only months) run from 0 to 11.

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