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I am making use of selenium for some testing and although this works when I launch firefox using selenium. It fails in IE. I get a command execution failure and I when I catch the exception, its a Permission Denied?

while (selenium.IsElementPresent(element) == false){

   // wait


Any ideas why?

Maybe I can achieve the same thing using some javascript function to test if an element is present with a combination of xpath and css parameters, just the way IsElementPresent works?

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Internet Explorer is picky about the state of the page when you try to check for things on it. You're probably not waiting for the page to be fully-loaded (via WaitForPageToLoad()) before calling IsElementPresent(). That's the single largest source of IE "permission denied" errors - performing commands while the page is still loading.

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Awesome! Thanks Ross. –  Abs Oct 25 '11 at 12:59

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