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Using the book example seen everywhere, if I had many documents each containing a list of books, how could I list just the documents which contained one or more ISBN numbers stored in a variable?


<Doc id="1">
  <ISBN code="734554656570317" 
  <ISBN code="234363495740647" 
  <ISBN code="833563495780345" 

<Doc id="2">
  <ISBN code="467467546756747" 
  <ISBN code="890473590555875" 
  <ISBN code="234557857667412" 


How can I achieve something like:

declare variable $isbnList := ("833563495780345", "234557857667412");

for $doc in /Doc where $doc/ISBN[@code in $isbnList]

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If you know the number of node set you want to path to you might want to use the "or" operator. – JStead Oct 25 '11 at 10:13

If $isbnList contains a sequence of atomic items, each of which is a string ISBN code, this should work:

/Doc[ISBN/@code = $isbnList]

( = performs a general comparison and will return true if at least one item on the left matches at least one item on the right, for example (1, 2) = (2, 3) returns true).

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