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I have a spark List with horizontal layout and custom ItemRenderer.

Each ItemRenderer has a width=80px. But it may contain graphic objects (s:Rect for example) with more than 80px width.

After compiling it looks like "overflow:hidden". But i need something like "overflow:visible" for my renderers and to see full size of my rectangles and other objects.

How to prevent the cutting of overflowed width and to display whole objects with overlapping?

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Set clipAndEnableScrolling=false on the itemRenderer.

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It was my mistake when i wrote that i have vertical layout. I have horizontal layout. For this situation "clipAndEnableScrolling=false" allows to display full content of only the last item in List. Content of each previous itemrenderer is overlapped by next neighbour itemrenderer area. – user1012493 Oct 26 '11 at 1:30

You can also just use a DataGroup, which allows you to use any layout you please.

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