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I have a script for ran few commands simultaneously with 'nohup' command. Each of them create file as a confirmation of success.

How I can write loop or whatever for checking every then seconds for these files.

Each 'nohup' command create specific file, like as commadOneFile, commandTwoFile, ...

Note: Each of 'nohup' command has a different time of execution. I want to print dots on screen when waiting, or any other indicator for waiting and progress.

Edit: For example

for command in COM1 COM2 COM3
    if [ "${command}" == "COM1" ]; then
            nohup $(ksh /run/my/commandOne.ksh)
    elif [ "${command}" == "COM2" ]; then
            nohup $(ksh /run/my/commandTwo.ksh)
    else [ "${command}" == "COM3" ]; then
            nohup $(ksh /run/my/commandThree.ksh)
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What have you tried? It helps to put small code examples in your questions, people will be able to help you more precisely. – Patrick B. Oct 25 '11 at 10:47
What if one of the sub-command scripts fails? Is any file ever created? Does the main script wait for all of the sub-commands to finish? Does the main script wait indefinitely, or does it stop after a predetermined amount of time? – B Johnson Oct 25 '11 at 11:26
I have a control timer triger. If all script does not create their control files, main script will be aborted. – Kolesar Oct 25 '11 at 11:36

As 'B Johnson' mentioned above, you must take account that one of the sub-commands can fail. Or else the while loop that you are looking for, will never end. You can write the loop like this:

    while [ ! -f /path/to/fileOne ]; do
        sleep 10
    echo -n "fileOne is created"

After running commandOne, run waitOne in the background.

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Yea, but in this case (if i run this loop in background) main script does not have any control for child/nohup or wait for complete scripts. Main script can not show progress bar, or anything similar, that the user knows to execute nohup scripts in background. I can make while loop for each nohup command, and execute one by one from main script for checking 'success file', but I want to run checking simultaneously for each script. Because, execute time for each script is different. – Kolesar Oct 25 '11 at 12:40
not sure from your original question, but are you trying to use a separate script to monitor if scripts are running? Would that help? Also do you know about running scripts in the background with myScript & ? You could have your 'for loop' start all scripts in background, then have a second 'for loop' that just checks for files. Good luck. – shellter Oct 25 '11 at 14:27

I created function:

wait_d() {
    set -A COMPONENTS $@
    while : 
        echo -n "="
        sleep 10
        let ii++

        for component in ${COMPONENTS[@]}
            if [ -f ${STATUS_DIR}/${component}done ] ; then
                rm ${STATUS_DIR}/${component}done
                unset COMPONENTS[$jj]
            let jj++

        if [ ${#COMPONENTS[@]} == 0 ] ; then

BR Kolesar

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