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I want to get href attribute when a use clicks on a URL.

I've tried with:

var e = clickedElement || window.event;
var t = || e.srcElement;

This is working fine in Chrome and Firefox, but there's a problem with IE; its give an error null.

What is possible solution to get href from event object?

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Show us the function which contains this code. – Matt Ball Oct 25 '11 at 10:53
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Depends what clickedElement is, given that its either the event object argument placeholder or a this argument;

function event_obj(event) {
    if (!event) var event = window.event;
    var element = || event.srcElement;
    return false;
function element_obj(element) {
    return false;
<a href=".." onclick="return event_obj();">foo</a>
<a href=".." onclick="return element_obj(this);">bar</a>
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Use this function to get the event target

function getEventTarget(event) {
    var targetElement = null;
    try {
        if (typeof != "undefined") {
            targetElement =;
        else {
           targetElement = event.srcElement;
   } catch (ex) { alert("getEventTarget failed: " + ex); }
          return targetElement;

Then call it when you trigger the event

   function evtrigger(ev) {

Note the getEventTarget() function works for all events so the DOM object returned can be manipulated any way you like, not just to get the href.

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